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The map helps me understand the spatial/temporal relationship between objects. Literally the least important information to me is the arbitrary location of the compass directions. For the Saltmarsh maps you could just pick any side of the map you like and label it north as it is totally irrelevant to running the module.

But Ghosts of Saltmarsh, the latest book for D&D 5e isn't a must-purchase. To be clear, it isn't a bad book. A book that updates seven D&D adventures from yesteryear can't be all bad. In that way, Ghosts of Saltmarsh (GoS) is like Tales from the Yawning Portal, the other D&D 5e book that leans hard into nostalgia by updating seven old ...
Tucked at the edge of town and overlooking the sea, Eliander's home provides him with a relaxing sanctuary away from the bustle of Saltmarsh. Elianders House D&D 5E: Ghosts of Saltmarsh - The Ebon Flow Dizzy_Lion Dizzy_Lion Dizzy_Lion 2019-05-31T02:33:24Z 2019-05-31T02:33:24Z
    1. "The Styes" Is a Great D&D Adventure from GHOSTS OF SALTMARSH Games Review Dungeons & Dragons Ghosts of Saltmarsh Roll20 "The Styes" Image Safe about 2 years ago by Tommy Williams Roll20 was recently kind enough to let me get a taste of the new Dungeons & Dragons adventure module Ghosts of Saltmarsh .
    2. "Ghosts of Saltmarsh" takes place in the world of Greyhawk, this is a map of Faerun (The Forgotten realms). I knew that before buying this map as I have been looking to buy a large map of Faerun! If you want to host your GOS campaign in Faerun, this map will work wonderfully, Also, many of the older 5E book/modules take place in Faerun, and ...
    3. Ghosts of Saltmarsh: A D&D Adventure System Cooperative Game is an expansion to any of the previous Adventure System games! It features new adventures, map tiles, monsters, traps and spells. Just select your favorite heroes, and get ready for an all-new campaign! The King of Keoland, after unsuccessful expansion to the north, has turned his eyes…
    4. GHOSTS OF SALTMARSH. Welcome to Saltmarsh a small fishing village on the Azure Sea. An historic target of pirates and a quiet port for smugglers bringing goods into the Kingdom of Keoland. Surrounded by treacherous swamps and deadly forests Saltmarsh had almost faded into obscurity unnoticed by the crown much to the delight of the smugglers who ...
    5. The ghost ship Tammeraut under the command of the undead Sea Prince Syrgaul, sails around the island along with an avatar of Tharizdun, the juvenile kraken in the Ghosts of Saltmarsh book. Deep in the sea, a huge rift in the surface of the ocean floor opens wider and wider as the two worlds draw together with the vast chain.
    6. Find game assets tagged ghosts-of-saltmarsh like The Haunted House Map Pack, The Sea Ghost Map Pack, Danger at Dunwater Map, The Final Enemy Map Pack, Taverns of Saltmarsh Map Pack on, the indie game hosting marketplace.
    7. Definition: adventure pack. A list of all adventure packs. : Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh mini-expansion in Dungeons & Dragons Online was released on August 4, 2021. It includes areas and adventures inspired by the original AD&D module as well as later stories from the 5E Ghosts of Saltmarsh book.
    8. A Mere of Dead Men-map showing Saltmarsh and surrounding adventure locations. Inspired by redditor /u/murganis, who's made his own maps, showing Saltmarsh in the Forgotten Realms, and the suggestions given in the Ghosts of Saltmarsh book, I've added Saltmarsh to Mike Schley's maps. These are featured in both a larger Sword Coast-version ...
    9. Ghosts of Saltmarsh - player maps #1 Aug 20, 2019. TheoGB451. TheoGB451. View User Profile View Posts Send Message Acolyte; Location: Melbourne Join Date: 4/18/2018 Posts: 20 Member Details; Hi, I have been using GIMP to create a few updated versions of the existing maps for players. ...
    Ghosts of Saltmarsh is an expansion for any standalone title in the Dungeons & Dragons Adventure System board game series, and it features new adventures, map tiles, monsters, traps, and spells. To use this expansion, select your favorite heroes from one of the existing games, then dive into this new campaign! The King of Keoland, after unsuccessful expansion to the north, has turned his eyes ...
battle maps. Ghosts of Saltmarsh takes place on or near the sea, so we thought we'd give you a couple of ships, including the Sea Ghost, a fully detailed ship map, and a more generic ship map that allows you to fill in the details on its laminated surface so you can use it both for Saltmarsh, and for all your sea-faring adventures in the future.. sea ghost

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Within this pack you'll find maps for three different taverns that are ready to be inserted into your game world. These taverns are compatible with the lore found in the 5e Dungeons and Dragons module Ghosts of Saltmarsh and will fit perfectly the geography and events of the setting.. This map pack was made in collaboration with the illustrator Rafael SeWa.

I was looking over the nautical rules in Ghosts of Saltmarsh and have vague ideas that ships have full stats, including Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma based on their class and history. Ship classes are monster names. Big, dramatic dragon-class ships, sleek, fast griffon-class ships, slow, well armored dragon-turtle-class ships…etc.Thoughts about Ghosts of Saltmarsh placement in Mystara by Demos Sachlas. ... I'm not sure if the map in the 5e publication was changed to situate the marsh to the east of Saltmarsh, in which case it could work. The lizardmen of Malpheggi swamp already exist, and could easily be incorporated. Fourth adventure: Isle of the AbbeyGHOSTS OF SALTMARSH: MAPS. Ghosts of Saltmarsh collects seven adventures, each famous for their unique challenges, deadly threats, and for embracing both the danger and wonder of the high seas.Some of these adventures initially charted their courses in the earliest days of D&D's history, while others set sail in more recent years.

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