Holden rochester quadrajet identification numbers

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In this clip we'll learn how to decipher the Identification number and julian date code on the Rochester Quadrajet.

Odd numbers w/manual transmission Even numbers w/automatic transmission. DG ~ Broadcast (Customer) Code 1658 165 ~ 165th day of the year beginning with January 1 8 ~ year. Early Carter & Rochester Quadra Jet carburetors will have a circular metal tag affixed to the front, left side.
ENGINE NUMBERS Six cylinder - Located right side of block above mounting. V8s - Top left of block. BODY/CHASSIS NUMBERS Located right side front of frame. The first four digits are the model number 8P37 - Monaro LS Coupe 8Q69 - Monaro GTS Sedan 8Q37 - Monaro GTS Coupe The next letter is the engine identification M - QM 202 (low compression 3300 cc)
    1. HOLDEN HK HT HQ HJ REMANUFACTURED ROTCHESTOR CARBURETTOR PART # RR 601 ( Picture is for display purpose and may alter from actual product , PLEASE NOTE: Stocks are limited on this item,therefore its always best to check direct with our factory prior to ordering to check availability. This is a Fully Re-Manufactured Quadrajet to suit Holden early 307 & 350 Chevy HK, HT, HQ, HJ Divorced Choke type .
    2. Rochester carburetor numbers are stamped into the float bowl of the carburetor starting in 1968. Before that, they are found on a tag. Most 1967-down Rochester carbs have a triangular aluminum or brass tag retained by a screw attached to the top of the float bowl. 1965 to 1967 Quadrajets had a round 'bottle cap' tag on the front driver's side.
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    4. Rochester carb. -. $450. condition: new. make / manufacturer: Rochester. model name / number: Quadrajet. size / dimensions: 4 bl. QR Code Link to This Post. Rochester Quadrajet 4bl , remanufactered in brand new condition , # 7029262 i believe its for a 1969 Pontiac .
    5. Main; ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rochester Quadrajet Diagram; Rochester Quadrajet Diagram
    6. pressed into a recess on the float bowl casting in a flat area on the throttle lever side. Later model Quadrajet Figure 3 Carburetor Identification Tag - Early Models carburetors have no tag but include the part number stamped vertically on the left rear corner of the float bowl casting adjacent to the secondary pick-up lever (Figure 4).
    7. 1/8/2011 · Вбудоване відео · In this clip we'll learn how to decipher the Identification number and julian date code on the Rochester Quadrajet. Choose Your Quadrajet: Number Identification Guide
    8. Click to find out more about this chev 350 rochester quadrajet 4 barrel carby for sale in echuca vic 3564. Stock Number: JPM5201028 at JUST PARTS
    9. [Rochester Quadrajet Carburetors] [Quadrajet Rebuilding Service] [Quadrajet Carburetor Bushing Kit Instructions] [Quadrajet Photo Gallery] [UnWarping Service] Call Before Shipping 970-779-0233 [email protected] Barker Gang Garage, Inc., Call For Shipping Address. Before ...
    Holden Commodore VK Technical Specifications. Years of Manufacture: 1984 - 1986 Number Built: 135,705 (including HDT) Price at Introduction: Commodore SL Sedan: $11,152
That is what I am stumped on it is either a build date .. 167th day of 1973 ...or 1983 but if its a GMH Quaddie (not a Chev) an 83 build should be a completely different part number, ditto for 73 (it is a HQ carb if '73) Use this ID list.. and see what i mean Rochester QuadraJet Identification All Rochester products identified by a "70" or "170."

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The 4 Jet carburetor was manufactured with an identification tag attached to one of the float bowl screws on top. Some of the 4 Jets had 4 digits stamped on the top in one corner. Add 700 to the front of this number and you have the carburetor number. There were generally on pre 1956 carburetors. Updated on 12/13/2020.

The early Model M (Monojet) and 4M (Quadrajet) used a circular tag in a cavity in the side of the float bowl. Other carburetors used a stamping on the body of . Rochester Quadrajet - part numbers - date codes - metering rods & jets. Part numbering. 1965 through 1974 Quadrajet ID, 1975 and later Quadrajet ID. Example .This is the Holden VIN decoder. Every Holden car has a unique identifier code called a VIN. This number contains vital information about the car, such as its manufacturer, year of production, the plant it was produced in, type of engine, model and more.

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