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There are enough solutions to map these cars properly above, but consider the max on stock engine with custom mapping about 440-450hp. Change the rods, and you are looking at upto 650 hp. This obviously assumes that the engine is perfectly healthy to begin with and that the mapping is well done. You can always blow up your engine with stock turbo.

96 Posts. #13 · Oct 8, 2010. What HP the block can take is one consideration, the others are transmission, stock driveshaft, axles. Of course, not much strain on parts if you're constantly spinning the tires : ) Stock 2007 Shelby GT500 Vert; Oct 2006 Production. Purchased at Ford SVT Dealer, Shelbyville, IN.
The only changes from the stock engine are a boosted fuel pump and bigger injectors. The internals are all stock. The kit runs 8 lbs of boost. Like me there are many others. Thats why I chimed in.... Comments like the "the stock internals can't handle more than 500hp" and "I was told the 6.1L pistons are weaker than the 5.7L" simply don't make ...
    1. Max safe power on stock 2015 5.3/ lt1. I am wondering how hard these engines can be pushed before fuel system and mechanicals, etc start to fail or need upgrading. Whipple told me that with the 2.9L kit on a 5.3, that anything over their roughly 450hp using 4.375" pulley, and I would run out of fuel. can anything be done thru hpt, or will it be ...
    2. For roughly 4 decades now, Ross Racing Pistons has met the global racer demand, for the most advanced forged pistons in the racing industry. Along with a dedicated line of in-stock pistons, we specialize in the manufacturing of custom, high-end, forged aluminum Import and Domestic piston applications, for use in high horsepower motorsports.
    3. Don't Miss a Minute. Over sixty years of engineering milestones for Banks Power president and founder Gale Banks began at age 14 with an engine teardown of his mother's '31 Ford Model A that resulted in an increase of 65 hp for a total of 105 hp. Decades later, Gale and the team are not only innovating, patenting products, and setting the bar for aftermarket performance manufacturers, they ...
    4. FIC GDI LT1/LT4 High Flow Direct Injection Gen V V8. Price is per injector. These are designed for the new GM LT series engines. With a 30% increase in flow over stock LT4 injectors, these supply the needed fuel flow for high horsepower applications without having to resort to auxiliary fuel systems. These injectors utilize the same nozzle that ...
    5. Mar 27, 2010 · The full 2.4L motor stock internals can make 300 hp (limited to this by the cam) and hold up tp 15 psi which ever you hit first. For the evo/kia head swap guys I know the 2.4L block can hold 20 psi safely but does anyone know what the horse power limits are on the stock rods/pistons, I remember reading that our cranks can hold 600hp.
    6. Oct 21, 2004 · Re: Wondering what is difference between LT1 and stock 350 chevy For a given amount of power, the parts for the early (non-LT1) engine are much cheaper - period. You can decide between 1 pc. and 2 pc. rear main seal for the block - 1pc being less trouble.
    7. 11 hours ago · Jan 28, 2009 · Max Hp with stock internals Posted by MIXIA, Jan 28, 2009. 95 mm lift. some have shown a little over 400 on the stock motor if that means anything. Go. Anywhere from the Pro Mod 88 to the Pro Mod 110 for extreme horsepower setups (up to and beyond 2000hp if you have the setup). 5L engines can only make about 200 to 250 hp at the ...
    8. Registered. Challenger SRT Hellcat. Joined May 15, 2015. ·. 85 Posts. #32 · Feb 14, 2018. FFBOS said: Good news is the aftermarket parts have come way down in price. A stock cube short block is around $5000 with the not "top end" stuff ---- forged crank, rods, pistons, etc, but those will last well over 1000rwhp I would imagine.
    9. if it's k24a2 internals it should be good for 10-12. if it's k24a4 internals I wouldn't put more than 10 on it. realistically you should stay at 8 if it's a daily driver. The k24a4's have weak rods and I don't see the point of testing their durability.
    Does anyone know what the HP limit is, keeping stock internals on a LS6, before you need to beef them up with forged. I'm considering adding a NX kit to a Magnuson, but have stock internals. Will I blow the motor, if I use for short bursts of 550 rwhp. Has anyone kept stock internals with a...
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The LT1 block will take almost anything you have in mind. Most 'high' HP/TQ guys are only doing a 'half' fill on the block. You should be able to make 800fwhp on a stock block.

I don't see any reason the internals of the 5sfe wouldn't handle 300 HP or more. The rod bolts are small but that only effects how high you can rev. The compression is also a factor but it doesn't make it weak, you just need a good tune and a way to lower the compression a bit if you plan on running high boost like 18+psi.

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